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Terms of Submissions


Please read the submission guideline below before submitting your company profile. Failure to comply with the terms will usually mean that your company profile is not considered for inclusion in the directory and you may need to resubmit your company profile for evaluation at a later date. All submissions will be reviewed manually. We reserve the right to edit your submission's title, description and choose the appropriate category and may re-arrange the listing order at our discretion. By submitting the company submission form, you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.


Submission Guidelines


What is required?

The information you submit has to be Company Profile and No Short profile is allowed.

Site must be in the English language (or have an English version available). Please write title and description in English only.





Free Listing Category

Free Listing should submit only in deepest categories

Unacceptable Category

Acceptable Category

Business or Finance

Business>Finance>Financial Services


Company profile should not be added to wrong category.

Example: If you are into chemicals and do not submit to Business.





Title name has to be Company Name and No other names approved, so include company name.


Unacceptable Title


Web Design

Sammrat Ventures


Do not capitalize all the words. Use the standard title casing.


Unacceptable Title



Sammrat Ventures


Using repeated & excessive use of exclamation marks ! and other special characters.


Unacceptable Title


Sammrat Ventures!!!

Sammrat Ventures


Sammrat Ventures


Title should not exceed 60 characters in length.

Do not include your website URL in the title.


Description & Company Profile.


Contact Info

Do not include email address, phone numbers or company address in your description.

Special Characters

Using repeated & excessive use of exclamation marks ! and other special characters.


Do not Submit which contains Errors, Bad Grammar or similar will delay approval.


Free Listing Submission shall not submit any anchor keyword url or any hyperlink in the company profile body.

Do not use superfluous punctuation:

  • No exclamation points!
  • No quotation marks " "
  • No parentheses ()
  • No brackets []
  • No ellipsis …
  • No superfluous use of commas.




Free Listing Submission will not accept any website URL rather we show our own url which will be approved in your company name, for example;


Unacceptable Profiles


Online gambling sites.

Pornography/adult content sites.

Online pharmacy sites.

Retail tobacco sites.

Link-only sites or third party CPC ad resellers.

Sites that are under construction.


Deep Links



Each Featured/Sponsored Listing must submit different URLs in deep link submission.

Anchor Text

You can include anchor text basis hyperlinks.


Submission Relevancy


Company Profile and other content should match the landing site specifically or we have all rights to reject / modify / remove from our directory.


Multi Crossing Facility offers multiple profiles can be listed in various categories as per the opted package and the same will be approved. Free Listing is entitled for single category only.



No improper or unnecessary abbreviations. Industry-standard abbreviations are acceptable.


Unacceptable abbreviations

Acceptable abbreviations

Bharat Accts Company

National CRM Company

Advanced Mgmt Consultancy

India Forex Inc



Calls to Action


Do not use immediate calls to action such as "buy now," "click here" or "click now."


Sponsored Package Ad Copy


Sponsoted Package



Free Listing Ad Copy


Free Listing



What we may do?

Company Profile submitted to an inappropriate category will be moved to appropriate category.

We may modify or edit which contain errors, bad grammar, etc.,



We accept payment by Paypal.

We also accept Domestic Cheque/DD or Online Banking transfer.



If your company profile is not accepted, your submission fee will be refunded in full.


All Rights Reserved

We reserve all rights to edit and modify any submitted content for appropriate reason.

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